Australia Marriage and Fiancée Visa

Suppose you intended to marry an Australian citizen. In that case, both of you are in the right age (18 years old) and have a plan of getting a permanent residency; there are many visa applications like 482 visa in Australia and 189 visa invitation round that you can choose from depending on your current situation.

For example, applying for a Prospective Marriage subclass 300 visa is a wise decision. On average, this visa’s processing time can take 12-17 months but once issued; it becomes a temporary residence visa that allows a person to enter Australia to marry the partner in a 9-month time frame. After securing subclass 300, application for Partner subclass 820 (temporary partner visa) and 801 (permanent partner visa.) The three application takes over five years with a hundred percent assurance that the Department will grant permanent residency after all the process.



In Australia, all people who seek to get married must lodge a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with the person who will conduct the ceremony. Lodging is a 1–18-month time frame before the target date of the ceremony. This notice will serve as a confirmation that lodging was made with the marriage celebrant, and the Department may request a true certified copy for verification.

When Must the Marriage Take Place?

As earlier stated, the marriage needs to take place within nine months upon visa issuance. Suppose the couple fails to marry within the visa period. In that case, there will be no more provision to grant another prospective marriage visa in Australia, not unless reapplication for subclass 300 visa is made offshore.

Do You Really Have to Marry in Australia?

The answer is no. The venue for marriage can happen offshore, long as the entrance to Australia is also under the 9-month visa period to continue with the 820 and 801 applications. Failure to do so will result in a visa breach.

Learn more about marriage visas through this infographic.

Australia:Marriage and Fiancee visa