Paul Petersen

3 most popular festivals in Georgia

Georgiais a small country in Europe that holds on to its history and culture. Although it’s not too far from center of Europe, this country is considered as exotic. As a result, series of festivals happen in Georgia throughout the whole year. Most of these festivals are in celebration of history and or basically to […]Read More

Why Use an In-Flight Device Holder? 

In-flight device holders are becoming a big hit these days. As people travel throughout the world and want to use their devices as televisions and other means of entertainment during a flight the demand for a stand to put them in is growing. Why would anybody insist on using a holder for their phone? There […]Read More

The Ultimate Positano Travel Guide for Travel Enthusiasts

Have you ever seen the picture of an Italian town located on the cliff alongside the most beautiful beach? Well, that’s Positano. The Positano is a town in Italy, which is popular amongst travelers. It’s the most beautiful city in Italy, in my opinion. Positano has beautiful beaches, lush green nature, unique architecture, and many […]Read More

Croatia Travel Tips

How to get around Croatia?  We recommend doing it in a rented car, public transport does not always work efficiently and also, with the freedom of a car, you can go wherever and whenever you want. Here we tell you how to rent a car in Croatia and give you some tips for driving in […]Read More

Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Spain and let us not talk about the beauty because it is incomparable. Barcelona is one of those cities that cannot be compared to any other place in the world because it has an identity of its own. The artists of the early-20th-century have contributed a […]Read More

Car Rental Makes Daily Commute Safe during the Time of

Naturally people will be focused on a safety drive instead of convenience that is reduced to use the public transport. Many of the people have their own personal cars but sometimes people opt for public means of transport to travel in private due to some reasons. At such times car rental services which will come […]Read More