Clare Louise

Cool Tips For Winter Camping

Even in the middle of winter, Kiwis love to go camping. The great outdoors can be even more spectacular in the middle of the year when the temperatures drop, particularly in our alpine regions. This is why sales of camping gear in New Zealand stay high during winter, with outdoor specialists reporting that interest in […]Read More

What to do if you are going in Lake Clementine

You will be more surprised to know that hiking in Auburn state in winter is not only feasible, but also has its benefits. In winter, not only the Kayaking upriver in Lake Clementine is possible, but most of the other treks in Auburn state can be conveniently done during all the year. The Kayaking upriver […]Read More

What To Consider Before You Buy Your First Skateboard

If you think of buying a skateboard, you certainly won’t regret it. Only cruising around watching the wheels rolling underneath your feet will give you freedom and peace of mind as never before witnessed. But there are a few things to bear in mind as an amateur who’s only trying to find out what’s and […]Read More

Head To These Two Places To Enjoy The Best Weekend

Coachella and Indian Wells are two really great places where you can head out to spend the weekend. Both these places have amazing locations where you can enjoy a lot. Situated in the state of California, these two places can help you make the most of your weekend. You may not find the most luxurious […]Read More

Travel To Maui In January Is Possible!

Yes, the COVID-19 has changed our lives, and for many, that has meant staying locked up at home, so we’ve visited several months now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t plan the trip of your dreams, and what better experience than whale watching in Maui in January? Located in the center of the archipelago, Maui […]Read More

Features to Look for When Choosing a Charlotte Wedding Venue

Selecting the right Charlotte Wedding Venue is one of the biggest decisions that must be made during the wedding planning process. In fact, the venue is one of the most expensive decisions that a couple makes when planning their nuptials. However, besides the budget, many people may wonder what else they should look for when […]Read More

10 Features Taxi Firms can learn from Uber

Check out these top 10 features of Uber Taxi That Every Taxi Business Startups Must Know below! This blog will deal with the top 10 features that online taxi business startups can accommodate in their taxi app and be more successful! The idea of building a taxi booking app similar to Uber and Ola is […]Read More

Ways To Grow Your Travel Business Post COVID-19

If we would count the downside of the lockdown situation then many things would be included in the list. We know that the lockdown is important to fight the virus spread as no medicine has been initiated for the prevention or cure of the virus. It is advised to all that people should not get […]Read More

What Is The Best Fill For Your Sleeping Bag?

Buying a sleeping bag in New Zealand? Good luck with that! There are so many things to take into account: size, shape, temperature rating, where you’ll be using it, how you’ll be using it, and so on. There is also the question of fill. It’s widely regarded in the camping and hiking communities that the […]Read More