How To Perfect Your Landscape Photography In Three Steps

 How To Perfect Your Landscape Photography In Three Steps

We live in the golden age of landscape photography. Never before has this type of photography been given so much importance or consumed so much, and it is not for less. Take a look at Instagram, or any website or photographic platform, you will find thousands of sunsets, mountains, reflections, etc.

But, unlike what many people think, to take a photo of a landscape, it is not enough to stand in front and press the shutter button on your camera. Landscape photography has its tricks and secrets of making it attractive to the eye. Visit

Each landscape is a world, and no master key works perfectly for everyone. However, there are three points that, if you follow them (at least one of them), you will see how they change immediately.

  1. Position The Public

Making the person who sees the photo feel inside it is like transporting it to that same place, which is why it is so valuable.

To achieve this, you have to make elements in your photo close to the position from which you took it. This is achieved with short focal lengths or, failing that, stooping when taking the photo to capture part of the ground or nearby elements.

  1. Feeling Of Depth

By introducing elements in the foreground, you also provide a reference for the distances in your landscape.

In this way, it is easier for the public to know how far each element of the photograph is. This, for example, is more difficult to appreciate in shots made with long focal lengths or in which other intermediate references are not appreciated.

  1. Define Your Goal

There is nothing worse than a photograph of a landscape that does not know what it wants to be and, the main problem with this is not knowing what the main reason for your photo is.

When you stand in front of your scene, you will find a large number of separate elements (mountains, trees, lakes, rocks) and, apart, the set of everything, which would be the general landscape. When taking your photo, you have to define your main objective; if the general landscape, or any of the elements.

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