If you got a credit card of outside Mexico, you will not be able to purchase your bus tickets online. Hopefully, they transform that soon, but in the meantime, you have possibly two options.

The most effective option is going to the ADO terminal and purchasing bus tickets to Mexico in person. We have actually never had any type of problem with this, even in high season, although we have heard of particular routes selling out. You can purchase your tickets at any time, from any type of station, so if you’re fretted about your path selling out, this commonly just occurs in really high season/holidays, we’d suggest you go as early as feasible as well as buy your tickets. Nonetheless, if your course has lots of buses as well as options daily, you ought to be great to purchase your ticket the day. Remember that line can become rather long, so do not wait up until the really last minute, or you could end up missing your bus. A lot of terminals take cash as well as a credit card, but we have actually come across a few that only take money.

The other choice we truthfully have yet to master. Download and install the ADO app on your phone. Do a search similarly; you would on your desktop. Go through the reservation process; we needed to use google convert occasionally; however, it was reasonably simple, asking for names, e-mail, etc., and also choose your seats. The very first time we attempted this, I was able to go back right into the app and still see my reservation. Nevertheless, when we came to the terminal to pick up and pay for our tickets, we located that they were no longer held for us, the key is you have to present at least two hours prior to the time to get your tickets. The good news is our bus wasn’t even from another location full, so we just picked other seats.

The second time we tried to do this, we experienced the same procedure, got to the station more than two hours prior to departure, yet when we went to grab our tickets, I couldn’t locate the booking anywhere in the app, it just appeared to vanish. Once more, there were great deals in the area on our recommended bus, so it wasn’t a problem.

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