4 tips for choosing the ideal apartment in Los Flamingos, Spain

 4 tips for choosing the ideal apartment in Los Flamingos, Spain


Achieving the goal of getting out of rent and buying your property involves a few steps. One of them is to choose the ideal Los Flamingos Apartments in Estepona. For this reason we have separated some tips for choosing an apartment that are extremely important to help you accomplish this task.

Think about your safety first –

Do a neighborhood assessment before anything else. Look for information with those who already live in the place and with traders to find out if there is an incidence of robberies in commerce and houses in the region. Visit the place during the day and also at night to check the movement in the streets. During the day check how the trade routine is, if security is monitoring. During the night, observe if people walk quietly and if there are deserted places.

Do you want peace? So assess the environment

Visit the property at different times of the day to check if there is a lot of noise in the place. This way you will be aware of the movement of the building during the day, when people are supposed to be out of the house, and during the night, which is when everyone has returned. This way you will identify if there are noisy neighbors. Weekends are also worth a visit, because that is when people are at leisure and you will get an idea of ​​how everyone behaves during this period. During visits, also observe how the movement is on the street where the property is located. If it is a region with many bars and night clubs, this generates a movement of people and music until the wee hours and you need to know how much it bothers you.

Remember to check the sun –

Everyone wants to live in a well-ventilated apartment, with no humidity and a mild temperature. To find your ideal thermostat you need to evaluate the apartment using the compass. South-facing apartments only receive sunlight in the morning during the summer. The rest of the year receives almost no sunlight. This type of apartment can suffer from very low temperatures in winter and are more likely to have humidity. Those with a North face receive sunlight all year round. The proliferation of fungi due to humidity is extinguished, but it must be taken into account that in warmer regions having the sun hitting windows and walls all summer may not be ideal. The task here is to find the middle ground.

The broker can be your ally –

A tip that almost nobody cares about, but it is essential when searching for the ideal apartment is to try to stay as close as possible to your broker. Bring your broker close and make him your ally. Be kind, talk about your goals, make a list of what you expect from your apartment and show yourself helpful with some tips for him. When you realize that you are really committed to guaranteeing your future apartment, your broker will surely separate the best options for you and will be happy to help you.


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