Safety First: The Dos and Don’ts of Travel

 Safety First: The Dos and Don’ts of Travel

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a trip. You could get scammed or stolen from. You could get injured. If you’re traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, there’s a risk of infection. So what can you do, or not do, to keep yourself safe when you travel?

Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Before you travel, thoroughly research your destination. Are there any safety concerns that you should be aware of? What’s the local emergency services number? 911 isn’t commonly used outside of the United States. What are the biggest risks in the location?

Because of COVID-19, it’s also a good idea to research what precautions are being taken at your destination. Does the local government have restrictions or regulations in place that you’ll need to follow? These regulations would be for your own safety but also for the safety of those living in your destination.

Don’t Leave Valuables Unsecured

One of the most common problems travelers face is theft. There are many parts of the world where thievery and pickpocketing are major issues, even in safer travel destinations. It’s easy for pickpockets to distract and steal from unsuspecting travelers. Make sure that any valuables, such as money, your phone, or your camera, are either secured in your hotel or, if you need them with you, in a place that is not easy to reach.

Do Pay Attention to the Locals

The people who live where you’re traveling know a lot more than you do about what it’s like to live there. Pay attention to what they do, especially in potentially dangerous situations. If everyone else is behaving a certain way, there’s probably a reason for it, even if you don’t know what it is. You can also ask the locals for advice. If there’s an area that you should avoid, they can let you know.

Do Buy Travel Insurance

Travel insurance may be able to cover lost or stolen belongings as well as canceled flights. If you’re traveling with expensive items, it can make a huge difference in your peace of mind during your trip. Travel insurance can also ensure that you’re reimbursed for any flights that you don’t end up using. This is especially important during the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. If the area you’re traveling to ends up being unsafe, you can cancel your trip without losing the money you’ve already spent on it.

Do Fly Private

A private jet charter is safer than a commercial flight during COVID-19. Private jets are better for social distancing because only you and members of your own party are in the cabin. Any cabin crew will wear masks when they’re in contact with you and the cabin is thoroughly disinfected before your flight. So go ahead and book your Orlando private jet charter today!

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