How to travel better, cheaper and smarter

 How to travel better, cheaper and smarter

We often like to keep a track of our expenses, in our day to day life.Right from essentials such as tea, coffee, snacks, laundry to our EMI’s, bill payments etc. Similarly when it comes to travel, we like to be budget conscious as well as want the maximum for the minimum amount. Everybody likes to be a budget traveller and discover cheapest ways to travel. In Today’s time, planning a vacation is much easier due to the large pool of resources available. Everything can be done online right from flight/ train booking to dinner reservations.If you dig a little deeper on the internet and are familiar with certain apps, I am sure you will be able to crack a nice deal for yourself without compromising the quality of your vacation. After all it is often said that you don’t need to be rich in order to travel, you need to be smarter. Here are a few tricks that we feel can help you to reach that goal :

  1. Set Up a Separate bank account : This may sound cliche, but setting up a separate account and getting money deposited automatically into that account is going to be extremely helpful. Not only do you earn through the interest but you also save yourself from overspending. Think of it as your emergency travel fund and enjoy the returns later.

  1. Get a Job Overseas : This is pretty much self explanatory, however when we say to get a job overseas, we don’t want you to build a career, however taking up small menial jobs or part time jobs and earning in that particular countries currency can help you earn money while you are travelling and will help you to ease out on your travel expenses. Afterall earning while travelling helps you to explore a different side of the country, its people and its cultural diversities.

  1. Wait for a good deal : As mentioned above, today everything can be done via the internet sitting at home, then why not use this golden opportunity to crack the best deal. The easiest way to do this is to download travel apps and to regularly keep a track of discounts and offers. Oyo has great deals and discounts based on various categories such as student offers, group discounts etc which can help you to cut down your expense on hotel bookings.

  1. Book in Advance : This is the age old formula to travel smarter and cheaper. Making your travel booking far in advance will help you get better offers on flight bookings, hotel bookings and not just that you also get a variety of options in terms of your seat, room view etc. Apps like yatra also allow you to choose your seats and track your bus route which often come in handy for travellers.



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