The Mandalika Circuit : Behind Story That You Must Know

 The Mandalika Circuit : Behind Story That You Must Know

Lombok is a haven for tourists which is located in the West Nusa Tenggara Island of Indonesia. It’s a focus of several investors, not in any part because of the unique flora and fauna. Investments are coming from the local government sources, and foreign funding is altering the landscape of the once sleepy islands into what the government currently describes as the “10 New Bali’s”.

Lombok: A Hidden Gem

Lombok is emerging as one of the best investment destinations in Asia. Blessed with stunning beaches, and clear blue waters ideal for diving and surfing, it is situated near the islands of Bali and Komodo. With hot and sunny days and temperatures not exceeding 33ºC and not falling below 21ºC, tourists are flocking to Lombok. Instead of going to the crowded Bali, Lombok is an alternative destination to dip in clear aquamarine oceans.

A Major Financial Hub

A US$3billion hotel called the Mandalika Project is presently being developed in South Lombok in an area totalling approximately 1175 hectares and about 16 km of pristine coastline. With assistance from the government-backed Indonesian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC), the job is one of the biggest of its kind in Southeast Asia. It is targeted toward creating Lombok a world-class tourism destination.

Why Kuta Mandalika?

President Jokowi Widodo inaugurated the Mandalika Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in October 2017 with the particular goal of promoting tourism. Mandalika is 40 kilometres from the provincial capital, Mataram also is located on the aspect near Kuta beach. The Special Economic Zone is predicted to differ in the Egyptian tourist destinations like Nusa Dua in Bali, which is known for exhibitions and business meetings. The project aims at creating various facilities, roads and infrastructure including over a worldwide motor racing street circuit and 10,000 luxury hotel rooms.

Host to A Superb Motorcycle Racing Event

Indonesia is arranged to host a world-class motorbike racing tournament event, the MotoGP. It has been more than two years since an event of this kind was held in Indonesia. However, MotoGP’s fantasy is living after a deal has been agreed with Dorna Sports MotoGP by the end of 2018. A track was presently being developed in West Nusa Tenggara with construction beginning in October 2019 – a job managed by construction company Vinci.

The Built of the Mandalika Circuit

ITDC has awarded the contract to construct and build Mandalika road circuit complex into a building firm called Vinci Construction Grand Projects. Vinci is also the primary investor of the project with a cost of US $900 million or even equal to IDR15.3 billion. Additionally, Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) can also be among the investors of this project with the investment of US $248 million. A US$1 billion deal was signed by Vinci of 2018 on August 8. The agreement guarantees 15 years of development.

According to performance manager Ngurah Wirawan and ITDC construction, Mandalika racing circuit’s construction will begin in October of 2019. The first phase will see the neighbouring streets, underground infrastructure, along with the evolution of the foundations. Following that, Vinci will focus on the setup of racing technologies and track used in MotoGP races. ITDC aims at completing the first stage, and Vinci is expected to completely set up the technology and racing road track by the end of 2020.

Lots of the ministries in Indonesia stand contrary to the MotoGP revival Program. The Secretary of Youth and Sports Ministry Gatot S. Dewa Broto showed his support in favour of the project. Still, he hinted that his ministry wasn’t associated with an agreement regarding hosting and construction of circuits with Dorna Sports. Indonesian Motor Association also stands behind the choice to set the Mandalika circuit as the venue for its MotoGP championship. The Mandalika street circuit is one-of-a-kind. When there are no events, it will be available for use. Besides, the MotoGP Lombok 2021 race set to be held within this venue will be the very first street race in MotoGP history.

Before you plan a trip to Mandalika Circuit, be sure to read more about Mandalika and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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