The Reason of Beach Heaven Mandalika Lombok is Called the “New Bali”

 The Reason of Beach Heaven Mandalika Lombok is Called the “New Bali”

Just take a drive from Lombok International Airport, and you would end up on beach heaven named Mandalika. Cruise stumbles upon the view of an endless horizon and through the long stretch of beautiful sandy beach. Contrary to Bali, Mandalika is a 1,250-hectare refuge with golf courses, luxury resorts, spas, and an abundance of nature. Once a contributor’ secret, Mandalika – also dubbed the Bali’ – is an emerging destination thanks to its Indonesian government investments. However, it is not only about its attractions – Mandalika is famous for its vibrant bars and clubs racing circuits along with a plethora of water activities. There will also be a MotoGP.

The Activity

Mandalika is currently home to some of the most amazing beaches of Indonesia, including Tanjung Seger, Serenting, Gerupuk, and Aan Beach. The beach is Mandalika Kuta Beach that crosses across 7km. It’s where all of the actions take place — swimming pool, wakeboarding, and all sorts of fun water sports. Go down to Serenting Beach if you are one who favors a serene and peaceful setting.

On the other hand, Gerupuk Beach is perfect for surfing, fishing, and swimming — particularly loved because of its challenging waves. You can also hike the hills to see Mandalika from a different vantage point. Head to Merese Hill for a far more challenging yet rewarding trail, especially during sunrise (the sunset crowd maybe a little too much for many people). Start your expedition at around 4.00 am. The morning light will probably make you holding your breath as you peek into the azure Indian Ocean.

But in case you only have time to get just one shore, we’d recommend going to Seger Beach for the best of the two worlds. Immerse yourself in the one of a sort encounter that is ethnic and marvel at the all-natural happening that is stunning. Search for Princess Mandalika, while you’re at Seger Beach.

The Culinary

It is mandatory to try out this Sasak tribe’s food — the indigenous people who make up 85 percent of the whole population on the island when in Mandalika. Remember to try something more local like bebalung (beef or mutton soup) and the sayur nangka (jackfruit curry like the ones found in Malay cooking). One thing’s for sure; there’s no shortage of food stalls and restaurants to explore in the heart of Kuta Beach. Kemangi Restaurant provides a menu that combines Asian and Western flavors utilizing ingredients that are sterile and locally-grown. Try the cocktails that are concocted using tropical fruits and local herbs of Kemangi.

If fresh and healthy is the title of this game, head over to Kenza for a change of scenery. The relaxing inside is paired with pastels and textures of bamboo and timber. Order anything from smoothies to acai bowls that are excellent for the IG feed. Other cafes using a similar notion comprise Terra along with Café Fin — options and both offering vegan too.

The Acommodation

There are plenty of hotels and resorts. One of them is Novotel Lombok that is located in the busiest part of the city. It is among the more luxurious choices and is located at the right spot. The hotel is highlighted with private pool beds along with conventional Sasak-style rooms. Love the resort stroll down overlooking the turquoise bay.

Slight north from Kuta Beach is Origin Lombok, a beautiful hotel that includes an architecture that is all-white amidst the tropics. We’d say check in here on the final night of your stay to experience the art of doing nothing – soak in the sunlight, lie by the pool and sip on a cocktail (or two) daily. Reserve a luxury stay if you are traveling in an extensive collection. The hillside villa includes an infinity pool that doubles as the ideal place to witness both the sunset and sunrise — It even promises you an unforgettable stay that sublime.

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