The Perfect Cook Island Holiday Guide

 The Perfect Cook Island Holiday Guide

The Cook Islands are a group of fifteen beautiful Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific Ocean flung between French Polynesia and Samoa. Cook Island Holidays can be your ideal dreamy escapade. Boasting an idyllic climate, Cook Island is a perfect destination for endless adventure, romance, thrill, and relaxation. The islands abound in crystal clear turquoise lagoons, beautiful palm-lined white beaches, and jungle-clad mountains. To get a complete idea about Cook Island Holidays and Cook Island Holiday packages, keep reading below. 

This quintessential archipelago exudes warm Polynesian hospitality. There are numerous resorts, luxury villas, hotels for both families and honeymooners. You can easily reach the islands by air and water. While on a Cook Islands holiday, you should not miss out on these places-


A serene lagoon with translucent turquoise water, Aitutaki is a paradise for honeymooners. There are 21 small islets called ‘motu’ which dot the edge of this lagoon. You can easily visit these on cruises or by a kayak. Maina, a small islet in the southwest corner of the lagoon is home to an enchanting sandbar which is also known as the ‘Honeymoon Island’. You can go for snorkelling, scuba diving, bonefishing or just laze around on the beautiful beaches here.

Do visit the settlement of Arutanga while in Aitutaki. The Cook Islands Christian Chruch is a major tourist attraction here. The town has shops that sell handicrafts.

Tapuaetai or the One Foot Island is one of the most stunning and mystical tropical Aitutaki motu. You can laze around the gently curving coconut palms that line the beach. At night, when the island turns into an enchanting paradise, just sit calm and relax. Sip champagne in a resort and experience the array of culinary delights of the island. You should also not miss out on the ecstatic sunset on the island.

The highest point on Aitutaki, Mount Maungapu provides a panoramic view of the lagoon and is covered with lush greenery. You can go hiking on this mountain but make sure you have enough insect repellents with you. 


Mitiaro, also known as Nukurao, is the best-kept secret in the South Pacific. You can choose one of the Cook Island Holiday packages that will include a tour of this small island.

Do visit VaiNauri, a vibrant and stunning freshwater limestone cave.  VaiNauri is a less known yet extremely beautiful tourist spot with glistening stalactites sparkling on blue waters below. 

Test Rotonui and Tell Rotoitiare two twin freshwater lakes filled with eels called ‘itiki’ which is a local delicacy on the island. 


The very heart of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga is the main tourist hub in the archipelago. The warm tropical island with the scent of frangipani has enough to offer. None of the Cook Island Holiday packages is complete without a tour of Rarotonga. Visit the Muri Beach or Muri Lagoon that is ideal for the beachcombers. At the Muri Beach, just gaze into the dreamy shades of aquamarine and the shimmer on the horizon. 

Titikaveka Beach is another crystal clear water lagoon with a plethora of colourful marine life. Close to the Titikaveka Beach is the delightful Maire Nui Gardens with lush foliage and tropical flowers. The gardens with its sweet fragrance are flecked with flowers like hibiscus, lilies, wild ginger, etc. 

You can go hiking on the TeRua Manga and then via the Wigmore’s Waterfall to the south coast. This is a beautiful way to explore the island. 


Mauke is a garden island with Sandy beaches bordered by coral rocks. Visit the beautiful Sea Cave on the east coast or wonder at the awe-inspiring Te You Maru shipwreck. 

Mauke has the largest Banyan Tree in the South Pacific. This gigantic tree in the middle of the island is worth a visit. 

VaiNgaro and Vai Tango are beautiful caves with swimming holes with turquoise waters glistening on the stalactites. 


Mouthwatering Cuisine of The Cook Islands

Local dishes made with ingredients from the local plantations are quite an attraction for people on Cook Island Holidays. Coconut bread, recipes of banana, pineapples, watermelon are extremely famous and delicious. The main culinary delicacies include the mouthwatering array of seafood.

This paradise in the South Pacific is a must-visit for all the beach enthusiasts out there. A mystical archipelago with dreamy shades of aquamarine merging into the horizon, a magical group of skerry which under the starry pink night sky with the moon like a pearl rejuvenates your soul, the Cook Islands is a perfect getaway for nature lovers and adventure seekers. 

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