Visit to Humburg: Your Best Solutions

 Visit to Humburg: Your Best Solutions

Hamburg, its port and its Reeperbahn but that’s not all. Hamburg is full of attractions and sites to visit, museums, daring architecture, unusual nooks and anecdotes, something to satisfy all tastes and desires. If you don’t know where to start, here is a sampling of 15 must-see activities that will give you a good overview of the wide choice of sightseeing that Hamburg has to offer. Here is the details for the things to do in Hamburg.

Out of competition: L’Elbphilharmonie

Since November 2016 you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Plaza (all information here) and since January 2017 concerts have been held at the Elbphilharmonie.

We present the Maison des Concerts to you during private visits. The 1-hour Plaza tour starts with breakfast in Störtebeker’s restaurant (including Plaza-Ticket, 1 “Franzbrötchen” and 1 coffee per person) starts whenever you want (without concert hall tours).

During the 2-hour guided tour of the Speicherstadt, you will first explore the Speicherstadt with your guide. At the end of the tour you will visit the Plaza de l’Elbphilharmonie, where your guide will introduce you to the House of Concerts and introduce you to Hamburg and its port.

Reeperbahn / The Red Light District

When we speak of the “ Reeperbahn ”, we also evoke the district of Saint Paul, renamed “Kiez” by its inhabitants.The photo opposite shows the Reeperbahn by day, but you have to go at night to fully capture its atmosphere. You will then understand what makes its reputation. Bars, strip clubs, restaurants, sex shops, music halls, theaters, cinemas, as much entertainment as possible to spend an unforgettable evening, for the more reasonable or the more adventurous.


St. Michael’s Church, affectionately known as Michael by locals, is one of Hamburg’s five main churches, and its first historical symbol. Originally a simple parish church, it has become one of the rare examples, and not the least, of a neo-baroque church in northern Germany. From the top of its bell tower, you can admire a panoramic view of Hamburg, and notice all its originality. The crypt of Michel, also accessible, houses the tomb of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

Speicherstadt / The warehouse district

Its architectural unity makes it the only Hamburg site on the verge of being listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Today in the process of reconversion following the relocation of the port, one still finds there however one of the largest warehouse intended for the storage of oriental rugs.

A few buildings also house spices, teas and coffees, but most have been redeveloped into restaurants and museums such as the Minaturwunderland (miniature wonderland) or the Hamburg Dungeon. Stroll along the canals and let yourself be surprised by this district with its exceptional character.


As you probably know, the identity of Hamburg was forged around three rivers: the Elbe, the Alster and the Bille. If the Elbe offers privileged access to the sea, most of the canals which crisscross the old town nevertheless come from the Alster.

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