The Ultimate Positano Travel Guide for Travel Enthusiasts

 The Ultimate Positano Travel Guide for Travel Enthusiasts

Have you ever seen the picture of an Italian town located on the cliff alongside the most beautiful beach? Well, that’s Positano. The Positano is a town in Italy, which is popular amongst travelers. It’s the most beautiful city in Italy, in my opinion. Positano has beautiful beaches, lush green nature, unique architecture, and many exciting things to visit. Well, the location is ideal in all weather. It’s not too cold nor too hot. It’s the right temperature all around the year. Well, Positano is quite an underrated destination in Italy. You need an ultimate travel guide before you visit the country and the beautiful town of Positano. In this post, we will share the detailed information about the Ways to travel to Positano, Accommodation, and the Attractions of the city. 

Positano Travel Guide 

How to Visit Positano? 

Positano is one of the few cities in Italy that does not have Air or Train connections. There is no airport or the train station in Positano. So, there is no direct flight to Positano. SO, you have to land in Naples or Rome airport and then take another form of transport to Positano. 

There is the Public Bus system that takes you to Positano from Rome or Naples within one hour for cheap. Also, you can reach Positano from a boat ride in daylight within an hour. Also, you have the option to hire a private taxi to reach the town of Positano. All of the transport options provide stunning views en-route. 

Finding Accommodation in Positano

Positano is a typical Italian village, which has the old-style architecture. You will find most of the hotels and restaurants on the coastal side, rather than in the city center. You will find Hotels and Homestays on popular websites like Trivago and If you roam around a bit, you’ll find a popular bed and breakfast places that provide cheap Accommodation. If you have a reasonable budget to spend on Accommodation, then hiring a small house near the beaches will provide you with the stunning view and the freedom to do anything in the house. 

What to do in Positano? 

#1 – Amalfi Drive 

Amalfi drive is a must-visit place in Positano. All you have to do is hire a private taxi or car and start driving to the Amalfi drive. It’s corniche with stunning views of the beaches. The entire drive is surrounded by beautiful scenery, which would make your driving experience enjoyable. 

#2 – Positano Spiaggia 

Positano Spiaggia is the most happening beach in the town. It’s the beach where you wnat to have fun with your lovely ones or friends. On this beach, you’ll find almost everything. From the comfortable tents, eateries to the adventure sports, everything is available on this beach. If you want to have some fun activities on the beach, you must not ignore Positano Spiaggia beach. 

#3 – Church of Saint Mary and Assumptions

The Church of Saint Mary and Assumptions is the main church in the city. It’s one of the oldest churches in Italy. You must visit this church to learn more about the history and culture of the city. Roaming inside the church is just a visual treat.

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