Why Use an In-Flight Device Holder? 

 Why Use an In-Flight Device Holder? 

In-flight device holders are becoming a big hit these days. As people travel throughout the world and want to use their devices as televisions and other means of entertainment during a flight the demand for a stand to put them in is growing. Why would anybody insist on using a holder for their phone? There are many reasons, but here are some popular ones:

  • Free up hands
  • Watch movies
  • Read books
  • Play games
  • Other travels

Watching Movies

There are several popular in-flight entertainment apps such as Gogo Entertainment that allow users to stream movies, shows, and other media on their phones and other devices as they fly. Holding the phone, or tablet for a couple of hours while watching a movie can be brutal on the shoulders. Not to mention very uncomfortable. Thanks to some quick thinking people and a lot of creativity in-flight device holders were created in order to ease some of the stress of flying and create a more comfortable way to travel.

Reading eBooks

If you’re not into watching movies on your plane ride, maybe you would rather read a book. Having a great, versatile device holder such as the Bendy Man from Walter + Ray ensures that you can stabilize your device while you read. Allowing your device to rest in front of you eases your muscles and lets you enjoy your reading experience in comfort.

Playing Games

If you would prefer to play games on your device as you fly, that is great too. Now, some games you have to hold the device in your hands as you play but others do not require you to. Many word games and thought games allow you to merely whisk your finger here and there in order to gain points. This comes in handy if you have one arm that is unavailable because of holding a baby or something of that nature. When you have your device sturdily secured by a good device holder you can play games with one arm and have fun while you do it.

Other Travels

When you are not on a plane and traveling the world, life goes on. Just because you have an “in-flight” device holder doesn’t mean that you have to use it only when you are on a plane. You can literally use a device holder anywhere. In a car, on a bus, on a train, or even at a booth when you’re out for coffee. Virtually any place that you would like to use your device hands-free will be possible. Except for maybe on a motorcycle. That wouldn’t be a good idea. However, most places that you would sit and enjoy a movie, or read an ebook are ideal for putting your device holder to work.

Great Device Holders

There are many device holders out there on the market today. Make sure you find one that will fit your needs and has great value. The Bendy Man from Walter + Ray is completely versatile and doubles as a great storage holder for extra cords. It even has a built-in flashlight that lights up dark places where you can’t see. All in all, having a dependable device holder can be a simple solution to ease some of the discomforts that come with traveling.




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