Things to Do While You Are in Alaska

 Things to Do While You Are in Alaska


While going on a vacation, many people prefer to collect shot glasses or spoons, while a few others prefer to play golf wherever they visit. For such people, Alaska will not be disappointing as there is a number of good golf courses that you can find around the state. Also, quite a few of them have picturesque views of the surrounding mountains. 

If you do not know how to find golf courses in Alaska then it will be better to refer to, where you can get the list of a few golf courses available in Alaska. Besides golf courses, there are few more things to do while you visit Alaska. 

Here are the few golf courses available in Alaska.


  • Black diamond golf


Visting this Black Dia­mond golf where you will find a 9-hole golf course will offer you a once-in-a-life­time opportunity. Ir was built in 1995, on the top of the Alaskan tundra. The grass may offer you a little challenge, but it is designed for easy driving or walking. 


  • Bear valley golf course


It remains open from May to September, and this 9-hole course has a full-service pro shop and also a driving range. This golf course is operated by the U.S. Coast Guard however it is open to the public. 

Generally, this golf course opens much earlier and also closes ​2 hours before the sun­set.


  • Anchorage golf course


This public golf course is golfer’s dream come true, which combines stunning scenery with also challenging golf. 

Also, while visiting Alaska, you must also not miss the following besides playing golf.18


  • Watch a tidewater glacier crashing into the ocean


If you want to remember the power of Mother Nature, then watch this 5-story face of ice shear off from a glacier that explodes into the ocean below.

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  • Alaska mountain range through flight


Flying over any sea of mountains, crevasses, and glaciers will offer you an out-of-the-world experience.


  • Get face-to-face with a wildest beast


There will be nothing like looking into the eyes of any wild animal while visiting Alaska.


  • Drive on the highways to feel Alaska’s vastness 


If you ever try to climb an Alaskan mountain, then try to drive a rural highway and get that feeling of Alaska.


  • Kroschel films wildlife center


Kroschel Films Wildlife Center is quite an amazing place where most filmmakers and naturalists will take care of various abandoned/orphaned wild animals.


  • Kodiak laboratory aquarium and touch tank


The Kodiak Laboratory Aquarium is a 3500-gallon freestanding aquarium containing species from the waterways of Kodiak Island.


  • University of Alaska 


The University of Alaska has a museum where you get a great introduction to the vast, mysterious things of Alaska.


  • The aurora ice museum


The Aurora Ice Museum remains open year-round where with 1,000+ tons of snow and ice, this museum is created and 25° F (-7° C) is maintained. 


  • Running reindeer ranch


Running Reindeer Ranch is very close to downtown Fairbanks where you can know about all these curious animals.