Car Rental Solutions You Can Discover Now

 Car Rental Solutions You Can Discover Now


Are you planning a trip that you will need to rent a car? No problem, renting a car in Brazil or Europe is easy, but it can cause a big headache if you don’t pay attention to some important tips. In this post we will give tips for renting a car on any trip you take inside or outside the country.

Start by researching the values

The first thing to do is to do a search for values ​​at car rental companies. For this you can use the luxury car rent services which is a rental price comparator where you do not need to waste time searching in several rental companies, since they give the values ​​according to your filter.

Make your car reservation in advance

Now that you have chosen the best car for your travel needs, it is important to book in advance, at least 30 days before the trip, as it gets closer to your trip, you risk paying more.

Read the fine print of the lease

When booking, it is important to read the contract and clear any doubts, especially if you are going to pay any amount in advance and if necessary, send your questions to the rental company and wait for the answer. In addition, it is a way to test support against your customers. Choosing the luxury car rental miami option is important there.

Always note the cost benefit not the cheapest

Not always cheap is worth it, see the cost benefit, some car rental companies usually put prices very cheap but when you go to see, there is a mileage limit. So always evaluate the cost benefit.

Check without the rental company scores in miles

When making the reservation, check if the rental company has any partnership with the frequent flyer program. If you have one with the same price, it pays to close with the one that offers miles.

Insurance offered by credit card

Another tip is if your card is Platinum or higher you should be entitled to credit card auto insurance. This way you save a nice amount of insurance daily. In some cases the insurance is almost 50% of the daily rate of the car.

Negative point is that you need to pass a pre-authorization in the amount of the card, on average it is R $ 7,000.00 in an economy car. Since you will leave without the rental company insurance and they ask for a guarantee.

See if the card does not entitle you to an Upgrade

In addition to card insurance, some of them offer automatic car category upgrade. So always look at the partnership programs and if you have, let the car rental agent know when to get the car.

Thorough inspection in the car

All right, you have already agreed on the documentary part of the lease, now it is important that you have full attention on the car, since if you miss something, when you deliver the car, you may be charged for something you did not do.


At the time of the inspection of the car, carefully observe the points that the attendant will place on the inspection paper, if he goes through any scratches without being noted, let him know and make a video or take pictures of the problems that the car has. Write them all down.