What to do if you are going in Lake Clementine

 What to do if you are going in Lake Clementine

You will be more surprised to know that hiking in Auburn state in winter is not only feasible, but also has its benefits. In winter, not only the Kayaking upriver in Lake Clementine is possible, but most of the other treks in Auburn state can be conveniently done during all the year.

The Kayaking upriver itself is a complete hike. This allows you to experience the adventure, enjoy the beauty of the scenery, and explore the local culture at the same time! Combine the Kayaking upriver with a side hike to Lake Clementine and you will reach the highest lake in the world!

If you want to go about your business as usual, the best time to hike is from October to early December and from late February to April. But the winter months, December and January, are also great times for hiking and more, with many benefits.

Benefits of trekking in winter

Here are some of the benefits you can only enjoy if you decide to go hiking in winter:

  1. The last few years, winters in Auburn state have been very clear. This means that tourists can enjoy unobstructed views of the snow-capped mountains and the beautiful landscapes that surround them.
  2. Although the temperatures are low in winter, greenery and beautiful flowers can be enjoyed, especially at low altitudes.
  3. Since the winter season isn’t very popular with hikers, the trail is less crowded, the shelters aren’t too crowded, Wi-Fi works much better, and of course there are no extra queues or waiting for amenities like hot showers and hot food.
  4. Even though it is winter now, trekking and climbing hills in sunny weather will not only keep you hot, but sweaty and tired.

While there are many benefits to trekking in Auburn state during the winter season, it is important not to take cold temperatures for granted and be well prepared. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are planning to go hiking in the American river in winter.

Some useful tips on how to walk comfortably in winter

  1. When packing warm clothes, remember that it is better to take a little more than less
  2. Invest not only in the right amount of gear, but also in the right quality winter gear. Make sure you have enough base layers, floating jackets, down jackets, warm gloves, low hats and pants, and a warm and comfortable sleeping bag.
  3. Aside from clothing, check your list for the necessary gear like trekking poles, quality UV sunglasses, etc.
  4. When dressing for the upcoming big day of hiking, remember to dress in layers. This makes it very convenient to peel off your layers one by one when the temperature starts to rise and you get hot.
  5. You prepare not only physically, but also mentally for any challenges. Be prepared for wind and icy conditions, hostel limited facilities, and menus.

Clare Louise