5 Memorable Graduation Celebration Trips for Everyone

 5 Memorable Graduation Celebration Trips for Everyone

Well done, you have done it finally. Graduating from the college would be a memorable occasion for everyone. Students dreaming for a career, government job or advanced studies always remember their Graduation Day the most. Throwing the caps in air with family and friends is not enough to celebrate this big day. Coupon.ae offers Agoda Coupon so the young party can think about celebrating this special day by visiting the top destinations around the world. Convince your friends and family members. Pick the coupon code right now and see how Coupon.ae team can assist in affordable trip planning to enjoy graduation day.

Trips for Beginners:

Is it your first trip? Consider the locations carefully. We recommend students to consider the Sydney, Australia and Barcelona, Spain. These two destinations are full of lights and colors. These are top entertaining cities in the world. You will find lots of enjoyment by choosing these destinations. However, people who desire to move Portugal or France should prefer Barcelona, Spain this time.

Trips for Art Lovers:

Those who love watching art work should consider the sophisticated cities and destinations. We would suggest Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. Paris is a city of fragrances and there are dozens of museums containing great work of Picasso, Dali, Monet and Rodin.

Berlin is the second important choice for art lovers. Get a chance to explore artwork at more than 400 art galleries. Famous Raw Tempel, Kunsthaus Tacheles and Kunstlerhaus Bethanien are the top places to visit in Berlin. Get luxury hotels and accommodations in Paris and Berlin using your Agoda Coupon 2020?

Tours for Adrenaline Junkies:

Well, you are little energetic and excited to explore the beauty of world. There are several places suitable for the young people but Queenstown, New Zealand and Interlaken, Switzerland are the top recommendations. Both locations are ideal for the nature lovers. For example, the Interlaken is famous for skiing, zorbing, bungee jumping, mountaineering, paragliding, snowboarding, white water rafting, rock climbing and more. Queenstown, New Zealand is also famous for similar activities. Visit Skyline Queenstown complex to enjoy the Local Maori artists offering Kiwi Haka dance.

Tours for Beach Bums:

Graduating in summer has more attractive options for celebrations. Why don’t you plan beach day or summer vacations? Phuket, Thailand and The Algarve, Portugal would be two top destinations suitable for beach bums. These places are idea to have rest, relaxation, spa and massage near beaches. Enjoy the sandy white soil, crystal cool waters and shinning blue sky. Both Phuket and The Algarve are hot tourist’s attractions especially when it comes to have beaches. Booking hotels in Thailand and Portugal is no longer expensive for Agoda Coupon holders.

Tours for History Buffs:

Those who love exploring world history should choose the bigger cities. Tourists always recommend Istanbul, Turkey and Rome, Italy for this purpose. Rome is a home of Roman Forum, Vatican City, Colosseum and Pantheon. In contrast, Istanbul offers Cappadocia, and Taksim. Enjoy Turkish baths and blend of western and eastern cultures in a single trip.

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