Best Time in Albania Riviera With Boats and Parties

 Best Time in Albania Riviera With Boats and Parties

Albania has secluded and paradisiacal beaches that will drive you crazy. They are very beautiful places where you can rest and relax by the sea. The Albanian Riviera is a succession of beaches that are distributed along the coast between the city of Saranda, in the extreme south of the country, and the Llogara Pass, a mountain pass of more than 1000 meters of altitude that rises above the sea itself.

Getting In There

You can make the trip through the SH-8, one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Europe. This is a road that will lead us from the solitude and tranquility of the Albanian coast, to the mountain zigzag that ascends the Llogara. Driving around here is a real treat. There is peace and harmony of a landscape of tiny villages together with the relaxation of a coast that combines the green of the mountains with a spectacular blue beaches. There is no rush or worry. If you are looking for beaches, you can choose from more than a dozen, all different.

Do not be misled by distances. Although the route from Saranda to Llogara does not reach 100 kilometers, if you did it at once, it would take more than two hours. So if you want to enjoy the Riviera, spend two or three days on it and make parties on boat. Yes, there are boating options in Albania Riviera and Vlora and you really need to experience that. If you like crystal clear waters, fine sand, deserted beaches, breeze, waves, sun, this is your ideal Albania Itinerary.The Albanian Riviera is waiting for you to enjoy one of the best vacations of your life.

The best beaches in Albania

Something is moving in the Albanian Riviera. There have been many prestigious publications that have chosen this Albanian coast as one of the destinations of the future, “the new Croatia” for Traveler, a Best in Travel 2019 destination  for Lonely Planet, and one of the cheapest travel alternatives in Europe. Boating and party options are open here, so all you will have to do is to hire a boat and go on with it.

In general, Albanian beaches are made of small stones, calm waters and little urban development in their surroundings. Few places offer deserted beaches and crystal clear waters like Albania. Many of them just have a couple of small bars or restaurants behind them. You can have a nice time there partying with your friends without any limit.

The Characteristics of the Beaches

Another characteristic of Albanian beaches is that most of them have sun loungers and umbrellas, which is very useful for those of us who travel from afar and carry only a towel. All this accompanied by the everlasting bunkers that populate the entire surface of the country.To put us in context, it is known as the Albanian Riviera to the entire coast of the Ionian Sea in Mediterranean Sea that encompasses the districts between Vloraand Sarandë in southwestern Albania.

Other Places to Visit

On the Albanian Riviera you can visit villages lost in time and the mountains, rugged and lonely beaches and really beautiful tourist cities that any traveler who passes by will fall in love with. It is a little explored hidden gem in eastern old Europe.

Best time to visit the Albanian Riviera

Undoubtedly, the best time to go to visit the Albanian Riviera is in the warm seasons, so you can enjoy the sea, the sun and the paradisiacal beaches that it has. Between the beginnings of May until the end of August is a good time to travel around this area.


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