What To Consider Before You Buy Your First Skateboard

 What To Consider Before You Buy Your First Skateboard

If you think of buying a skateboard, you certainly won’t regret it. Only cruising around watching the wheels rolling underneath your feet will give you freedom and peace of mind as never before witnessed. But there are a few things to bear in mind as an amateur who’s only trying to find out what’s and how’s sliding wheels for longboard.

It’s pretty easy, basically, to pick the right board. You’re going to need a deck, trailers, bearings, grip tape, hardware and tyres. To decide the considerations that make the option of a board ideally suited to your desires, consider the following fundamentals.

Choose the best store for you

Go to a skate store to buy a frame.  It’s important to remember that a good skate shop always going to get you exactly everything you need or similar. Your nearby skate shop will have the goods and experience to help you through the whole process. You could buy boards in strange materials like bamboo, cardboard or fiberglass because you can get away from the malls and toy stores that sell really crude models of skateboards, but that’s only going to make you end up in a skate shop to get the real thing.Quality of goof skateboards are made of 7-ply maple and will give you the ideal.   Given the importance of local shopping will go a long way. Instead of purchasing boards online or purchasing them from abroad, buy from your local skate shop that will allow local communities around that store to prosper.

Size does matter

Depending on whether you skate most, on the street or on the transition, you can pick the scale that helps your skill set.


Street sliding wheels for longboard are usually smaller than park wheels so they are thinner and more sensitive, making them easy to flip. Wheels are measured in millimeters, so a reasonable size for street skating is anywhere from 49 to 52 mm. And as for change or green skating, you’d go for something like 54-60 mm. They are bigger and cover more surface area so that you can get more speed for those airs or captures.


To decide the size of your boat, just refer to the size of your deck. Be sure that the length of the axle suits the width of the deck, which ensures that if the trucks are on, they can fit the width of the deck. Not just sticking out or in too far.

Preference for shape

Skateboards come in different forms so that they can be difficult to recognize at first. Eventually, when you wear and tear your beginner surface, you can start testing a few different deck forms to better grasp your tastes. The retro-looking ones and the cruisers will come to play later. But to begin with, the traditional form of the board will get you to grasp the pumping of the bowl and the simple flat ground tricks. The concave is a segment between the nose and the tail that bends slightly to the sides. Any skaters find the easier it is to turn the board the more concave. But at the end of the day, there is no best or worst form board, of each of his own tastes.

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