Top Museums to Visit in Washington

 Top Museums to Visit in Washington

Regardless of the original goal, a trip to Washington, DC, is wasted without some historical and educational sightseeing.  This gorgeous city is packed to the gills with history and importance, and nearly every building and street is there to inspire you and give you everything you need to understand how this nation came to be.

Fortunately, for those out there wanting to learn, there are enough museums to overwhelm and delight.  Here are the top five, although nearly every museum in DC is worth a visit!

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Also called the National Air and Space Museum, this incredible collection of information was started in 1946, and its building was erected in the 1970s.  Within this museum’s walls, you can enjoy sightseeing the SpaceShipOne, Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 suit, and endless other wonders.  Every visit will unwind another astonishing detail until you find yourself looking at Washington, DC, houses for sale so that you can come back time and time again.

United States Holocaust Memorial

No moment in history can hold quite as much gravity as the Holocaust during World War II.  This memorial not only reminds us of the devastating realities that humanity is capable of, but it also includes new exhibits shedding light on important and heartbreaking things happening even now.

You can walk amongst the memories of people who died in the Holocaust and feel the depth of their loss of life and how little it took for a society to get to that point.  They feel real and tangible here, and it’s a memorial everyone should visit at least once to understand the extent of what happened.

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Another fantastic Smithsonian building, the Museum of Natural History, is internationally known for its exceptionally detailed work on tracking how life came to be and what’s happened since that first spark.  Although new information is constantly being discovered, that’s part of the magic of this museum.  The history of life is a living history, after all!  Getting to watch and learn of the process of proving and disproving theories and truths is made exciting here.

National Gallery of Art

The arts are a significant part of history and show the evolution of human thought and expression, and can show how we felt at every moment.  In this gallery, artists ranging from Leonardo da Vinci to Rembrandt are on display for anyone to admire.  Although the pieces hold a different kind of energy in person, visitors have mentioned feeling an emotional swell after seeing these pieces in the flesh.

National Museum of African American History and Culture

There’s no such thing as American history without the history of black people and their families and loved ones.  The lineage of black culture and heritage can be traced from wars and enslavement, making you follow the path and see how complex and long the process has been since the beginning.  This museum opens minds and hearts to the needless suffering of an entire people, one of many that this country was founded upon.

Paul Petersen