Fine Glamping Choices in Guatemala: Your Deals

 Fine Glamping Choices in Guatemala: Your Deals

Peru, particularly the mountains around Machu Picchu, is indeed the world’s trekking capital. In other nations there are greater challenges, and many of the world’s most popular walks, but the beautiful Andes highlands of Peru are dominated by highland organized camp hiking.

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While Machu Picchu in Peru tops South America’s archaeological landscape, Guatemala’s former Mayan metropolis of Tikal is undoubtedly the equal of Central America. Tikal, however, is positioned close to sea level, with the rain forest around it. We may trek, but there is little view, wetness and relentless mosquitoes. It’s a nice but dreadful grind.

The Glamping Choices

An exciting 4-day walking tour in the Guatemala Highlands, Wild Frontiers is delighted to introduce Glamping in Guatemala to those interested in active cultural hiking in this unique nation. This amazing walk travels through old-fashioned rural communities, overlooking volcanoes, rustic fields and beautiful cloud forests. This is a trip into the past and a simpler way of living without losing the contemporary world’s evening conveniences.

Maya journey begins on the coast of the deep blue Lake Atitlán, a magnificent board of Guatemalan water. It is located on the shore of the historic town of La Antigua, among the most beautiful Spanish colonial towns in Americas. But the walk isn’t about water or architecture. It’s about people—rich Guatemala’s civilizations, which still speak 21 different mayan languages. Guatemala’s cultural variety is its highest quality, and it is not simple to learn about the living wealth. Many tourists to the nation come to historic places from market to village and only allow a glimpse of these proud people who have maintained their culture for 500 years

Highland Choices

Walks in the highlands of Guatemala are the only way to grasp what actually important to the Guatemalan people, what their lifestyle is. Most of us have not had this opportunity thus far. With this spectacular tour, our guests will go deep into the countryside, through woods and farmlands, welcome people along the route and visit local villages, learn about local coffee production and a female co-operative. It’s a tough journey. While the average length is just 10km, with troughs below 1800 meters (6000 feet) and peaks of 2,700 m. every day, there is substantial fluctuation in height (9,000 feet).

The Best Views

With amazing views of mountains, dense forests and volcanic areas, the benefits are even higher. And after a good physical trip, some wine or beer and a nice bed are very appreciated for their basic pleasures. Although glamping may sound like a strange oxymoron of glamour and camping, it truly means a cozy campsite, a night’s relaxation to make the most of the next day.


Our hiking vehicle features a small hot water shower, basin, toilet and fresh towels, plus an electronic equipment charging station.The natural and culture grandeur of Guatemala can no longer be experienced better than it is on our customised excursions. No departures are defined. Especially for your visit, each tour is organised. We welcome you to do it together in Guatemala to Central America.

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